The Ensemble is our in-house select performance organization. Membership is an honor achieved as a result of positive and impactful participation in theatrical productions staged by The Music Studio of Warrensburg and Phoenix Productions (

Members of The Ensemble participate in special classes designed to improve their acting, stage presence, singing, and dancing through specialized instruction by professional thespians, choreographers, and music directors. Limited to 20 members, additional secondary groups may be formed as talented performers are identified.

How To Become a Member of The Ensemble

In order to be selected, prospective members must have met the following qualifications:


Be cast in a TMSOW/Phoenix Productions show in the past 12 months.


Complete a special audition and interview with the Artistic Director.


Enroll in the special class. ($25.00 per month)

In addition to participating in special, advanced classes, members have the opportunity to participate in special social events and activities. The Ensemble is, then, both an instructional as well as a social opportunity for it's members.

Special performances of shows geared toward small casts including musical revues, plays with small casts, and other special productions including show choir style productions are part of The Ensemble's performance activities. Group style social activities take place on a regular basis to foster friendships and help develop positive social skills for the members of the group.

Working weekly, members will have unique opportunities to hone their acting, singing, and dancing skills. Some of these experiences include performing as costumed characters at our birthday parties, presenting entertainment at our Dinner and a Show series, and working with recognized professionals.

The Ensemble meets on Thursday evenings at our Downtown Studio. For more information or to request an audition, please email the Artistic Director at