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We moved to Warrensburg when we were PCS'ed to Whiteman. I talked to Mr. Jim about lessons for our kids and he invited us to come out and take a free lesson. We were really impressed with the studio and how our kids came away excited about starting lessons again. We found The Music Studio on Facebook and also visited another studio and just didn't feel like they were a good fit for us. When it comes to appreciating military families, Mr. Jim and his staff really go the extra mile to help us feel at home here!

We're Glad We Found You


We love TMSOW! We really appreciate the calm atmosphere where our kids aren't distracted by other activities. I especially appreciate being able to sit down and relax or go down and work out while my kids are in their lessons. Most of all I really like how everyone treats us here. Everyone takes time to greet us and I really feel like we're not just another tuition check. My kids can work on homework or watch TV while they wait and I know that they're always well supervised.

Truly Special!


Myself and my daughter have had the grand pleasure of having lessons with Mr. Jim. Myself on the piano and my daughter with voice lessons. He is a fabulous instructor who truly cares about his students and raises them above what they thought they could do. I'm sad to be leaving the area because I know the great things that would come from him working with my daughter. We'll miss Jim!

Wishing We Could Be There

Kristie C.Parent

wish I lived closer so I could take guitar and piano lessons. The instructor is incredible and anyone's child will improve dramatically just by putting in some hard work. Mr. Duncan has taught thousands of students over the years and has done an amazing job.

Thousands and Counting!

Dr. Ryan E. Nowlin School Administrator

We've seen the plans for The Music Studio and are impressed with what we've seen and heard about Jim Duncan's business plan, philosophy, and goals. This is going to be a GREAT place for kids to come and make a joyful noise! As a musician, he's top notch. I know the kind of standards he's sets for himself as a musician and I can only assume that the standards he sets for his teachers, the studio, and the students will be equally high. Kids who take advantage of the opportunities that they're going to be offering will have a lot of fun and be taught by people that are simply the best teachers around.


This is a great place to learn! My daughter has very much enjoyed her lessons. What a great resource to have in Warrensburg!

Monica MN

I work there as Front Desk and the Teachers are great at lessons and it's just a really good family vibe in the studio while being renovated.

Emily Harkins

Every member of the group is valued,/supported and encouraged to thrive.

Mike Francisco

It is so exciting to see my caterpillar coming out of her cocoon and turning into a butterfly! There is no price that can be put on the confidence she's gaining in herself by the family/teamwork atmosphere here. Teaching students technique is only part of the picture... helping them see their own capabilities and have the confidence it takes to step out and try something new is one thing that sets this studio apart. It isn't about performing better, it's about being a better performer... to do that means being the best you, you can be.

Lisa Delap Treece

Most people don't realize how performance training (in dance, vocal music, band, theatre, debate, public speaking, etc.) prepares a person for leadership and self confidence in any one of a thousand life experiences. Warrensburg is becoming an EXCEPTIONAL place to raise a family, and a big part of the community's QOL (Quality of Life) is the youth performance training opportunities available within the community.
Music, too, has its own special rewards, in patience, listening, timing, teamwork and brain development.
It may be difficult to make direct associations between music training and ultimate success (using whatever gauge you care to apply there), but the correlations are reliably high.
Thank you TMSoWBG, for making us a better community.

Mark Pearce

My grandchildren take music lessons at The Music Studio. One takes lessons with Mr. Jim and absolutely loves working with him. He is always positive and encouraging even when she is struggling to learn a new song. She always leaves her lesson with a smile on her face and most times she doesn't want her lesson to be over! My other grandchild takes lessons from two other teachers here and she's the same way - she can't wait to get to the studio and see her teachers each week. The atmosphere there is always positive. I feel like a member of their family and they always take time to make me welcome and take a genuine interest in me for more than the person that writes the kids' payment checks! Everyone is always so nice and kind. I've talked to a lot of other parents who have their kids taking lessons here. Everyone talks about how nice Mr. Jim is to them and how flexible the teachers are to work with them when things come up to make sure their students get their lesson. Are there things they need to work on? Sure, but what business doesn't? I can't say enough good things about them and I can deal with a few bumps in the road when my kids are as happy as they are! Take YOUR kids here. You'll be glad you did!!!

Ande Stamo