One-On-One Music Instruction

Providing the highest quality instruction in music lessons.

Private Music Lessons in Warrensburg, MO

We bring students together with outstanding teachers who are at the top of their game who will help every student go from where they are to where they want to be through their weekly lessons!

While we offer group classes, the private music lessons provided by our teachers remains the hallmark of our studios. We firmly believe that the best instruction and results happen when teachers are able to tailor their instruction to the unique needs of each student, truly individualized instruction.

We have an open policy on enrollment in private music lessons. We believe that you are the best person to decide if private lessons are for you or your child. We will never require or expect you to enroll in a group class before you can enroll in private lessons. While we do offer some introductory classes and will make sure that you are aware of them, they are not required here.

Private lessons are generally 30 minutes in length and are $20.00 per lesson. We offer piano, voice, all band instruments, strings, guitar, bass, and drums.

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Please note that private lesson bookings are subject to final acceptance by the individual teacher and availability of the teacher at the time requested. We will contact you to confirm your enrollment within 48 hours.