Theater Classes

Dramatically Different!

Shakespeare said: "All the world's a stage and all the people merely players." The theatre's the thing! There's something special about being on stage and there's something unique about sharing your talents with others.

At The Music Studio of Warrensburg we aren't trying to do the same thing other studios do. In fact, we are "dramatically different." We aren't just another version of something else.

Our theatre classes are built upon solid teaching and experiences like other programs out there, but that is also why we are "dramatically different!"

Our programs of music and theatre come together to produce events based on what's good for kids and the community. We never put profit ahead of product and we are proud of our all-inclusive approach to kids, music, and theatre. Call us today to enroll your kids in theatre classes they will love!

How are you "dramatically different"?

We believe in putting what's best for kids ahead of all other concerns. That means that we find a place for everybody, no matter what their skill level, personal challenges, or circumstances might be! You don't have to be the best here. You just have to be willing to allow yourself to be open to the experience and be the best version of yourself that exists today and every day.

Our theatre program is based on providing opportunities for young people to explore their interests and talents and allow them to grow and develop in the process.

We don't play games. We don't require you to do it all here. Our philosophy is that our kids should take advantage of opportunities for learning and personal growth.

We never require our students to enroll in specific classes or lessons to be in our shows or special groups. We don't care if you've had experiences somewhere else. You are the sum of everything that came before you walked in our door and what you bring to the table.

Come! Do a show with US and let us show you why being "dramatically different" is a great thing!