Be In Our Shows!

Starting in 2020 we no longer require a preliminary audition!!!

In keeping with our studio motto of "music and theatre for all," all of our shows are open participation! What does this mean? It means that everyone is welcome, regardless of experience! Simply sign up for any of our shows and you are in the cast. We will still audition everyone, but this is only so we can match you up with the best part that fits YOU. We don't exclude anybody! If you have performed with us in the past, you are not required to do a new audition however if your voice has changed or if you would like to show us where you are as a performer now, you absolutely CAN do a fresh audition! If you've been away for more than one season, we strongly encourage you to audition again!

Our productions are open to everyone! You do NOT have to be a student at The Music Studio of Warrensburg to participate!

All auditions take place at our Studio located at 321 E Young Ave, Suite H, Warrensburg, MO 64093.

What to prepare for your audition...

Prepare a 16-32 measure musical excerpt, preferably from the Broadway repertoire. Performing from memory is optional but is highly desired! An accompanist will be provided. You must provide sheet music or a CD, please do not plan to use a recorded track from a phone. All accompaniments must be instrumental only, no vocal tracks. We really want to hear YOU sing, not Ariana Grande! (Yep, even SHE would have to do this!)

Prepare a one-minute monologue (see below for suggestions). Performing from memory is highly recommended as we want to see your best work. If you do not have a monologue we will provide a reading for you and give you time to familiarize yourself with it.

We really expect that you will come to your audition prepared to show us what you've got so practice and prepare well ahead of time!

On-Stage Opportunities for Youth/Teens

We encourage you to plan for The Music Studio of Warrensburg's 2021-22 season. To be considered for roles in one, or more of our productions SIMPLY SIGN UP! Our theatre classes are an excellent place to learn acting, singing, and dancing skills. Enrollment in one of our classes is a great way to learn about theatre, acting, singing, and auditioning! For more information and to enroll, please call the studio at 660-362-1575.

Helpful Hints for Auditioners

Bring a photo of yourself or came early so we can take a headshot of you. School or family photos are fine but they will be kept by the theatre for future reference.

Bring a resume with you if you have one. If this is not possible, there are questions on the audition form that will provide the theatre with necessary information.

A note about our studio policy on casting...

The Music Studio of Warrensburg, LLC, takes pride in making it possible for every person auditioning in our shows to be included in at least one show. We strive to provide opportunities for kids to explore their talents through our productions and while we always strive to cast every person auditioning, the limits of our stage area, vocal ensemble needs, and cast size limitations won't always allow large casts of over 30. We sometimes double cast some roles to allow lead roles to be shared when circumstances may warrant such a situation.

How a Play is Cast

Selecting a cast is a difficult and sometimes unpleasant process for all concerned. The actors who audition risk rejection and sometimes come away empty-handed. Some win roles and some do not, so it is vital for young actors to develop a healthy perspective towards what this process is all about. No matter how many times one auditions, there will always be disappointment at not being cast. Rejection is rejection; it goes with the territory. An actor, no matter what age, must find a perspective for the audition process. The director is looking for something specific in an actor to fill a given role.

Whether or not you are called back or cast for a role depends upon production requirements. As difficult as it is to accept, rejection is seldom the result of an actor's lack of preparation, failure to read the audition requirements, or lack of inherent talent.

How to Perform Your Best Monologue

Choose something that is close to yourself in terms of age and experience. Never audition with a character you would not be cast to play - if you're 13 years old, don't audition with a 25 year old's monologue. Rather than using monologues from "books of monologues", you might try to find a monologue from a piece of literature that you love. You will know and understand the character and his/her story, and that will benefit your performance tremendously. Be sure the monologue stays within the time limit and that it is a self-contained selection that has or implies a beginning, middle, and end.

Prepare your monologue - rehearse it "out loud" many times. You shouldn't memorize it like you memorize material for a test in school. If you are just thinking the words, they will leave your brain when you need them the most. Keep in mind that the theatre is larger than your bedroom - practice with projection!

One Major No-No...

TMSOW expects all persons auditioning for it's shows to behave in an ethical and professional manner. Part shopping is when an actor accepts a role offered to them in one show then goes out and auditions for another show hoping to get a better role and then quits to accept a better role. Not only is it disrespectful, it is highly unethical and will saddle you with a reputation that will follow you around (you DON'T want this!)

The same thing happens in reverse - once you're cast in a show, if you wish to pursue a shot at a more important role you should either turn down the role at the casting call or resign from the show you have been cast into before auditioning for another show. We have a "zero tolerance" attitude toward part shopping here and we won't cast people that do this here.

TMSOW is an all-inclusive studio

We know that there are other opportunities out there for young people. Our shows are open to anyone regardless of their background or affiliation with any other studio or organization. When talented people come together magic happens! While we hope that you will want to enroll in lessons and classes here, we will never require you to take lessons or classes from us as a condition of being cast in one of our shows or to be a member of one of our groups.

The best part is this: We believe that everyone has talent to share. It all starts by sharing your talent through an audition. From there, we'll provide you with the opportunity to grow and showcase your talent. Our commitment to you is that if you show us what you've got, we have a place for you!

Audition 'To Do or Not To Do'


Bring something to do while you wait. This will help to keep you focused and to avoid the "jitters."

Be polite to everyone you meet. Your audition begins the moment you arrive at the theatre, and your ability to be a cooperative team player is vital to casting. You are being observed from the moment you walk in to the moment you pull leave so show us your very best!

Sing and read with confidence - think "I've got something very important to share with you."


Wear sandals, clogs, crocs, platforms, outrageous clothing, hats, dangling jewelry, or hair that covers your face - you don't want to distract attention away from you. Maximize your assets.

Apologize about yourself or your audition.

Deliver your monologue or your song directly to those sitting at the table, or glancing at them while performing. Create a "fourth wall" for yourself.

Break a leg at your audition!


We have a strict "no drama" zone policy. We reserve the right to dismiss any cast or staff member who engages in gossip harmful to individuals or to the cast or show in general. This includes involvement in backstage romances, personal drama brought into rehearsals or the studio, "mama drama," inappropriate language, discussion of subjects of a sexual nature, inappropriate relationships between staff members and children under the age of 18, and other actions deemed to be detrimental to a positive, all-inclusive atmosphere. We do not intend to be overly restrictive to cast members, but with a wide range of ages, we are particularly aware of our obligation to provide positive, role models for our younger participants and expect a high level of decorum and appropriate behavior from all cast and staff members.

We are not a professional theatre. That means that everyone is expected to pitch in and help with all aspects of the show. This includes being part of the load-out crew both before and after a production. There are NO exceptions: Everyone helps, even if they are a main lead! Part of the fun of doing a show is taking part in creating the sets, backdrops, programs, props and costumes.