Why choose The Music Studio of Warrensburg?


  • PROFESSIONALS - Real Degrees, World Class Performers!
  • PASSIONATE - About making music themselves and with students!
  • TOP TIER - We recruit only the best to work with you or your child!
  • COMMITTED - Holding themselves to high standards and to student achievement!
  • FLEXIBLE - We meet students where they are and build on that!
  • INNOVATIVE - Always looking for better ways to reach their students!


  • FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS - We treat you like you are family!
  • STUDENTS DISCOUNTS - All students in lessons receive 10% discount on supplies.

Come and take a tour of The Music Studio of Warrensburg any weekday! Once you visit, meet our staff, and see all what we have to offer, you will agree. THIS is where you will want to send your friends and family members to make music!!!


  • GRAND PIANOS - Serious piano students deserve serious instruments.
  • FULLY EQUIPPED PERCUSSION STUDIO - Pro-grade drum set, timpani, mallets.
  • TECHNOLOGY BASED - Internet/Computer in every studio, SmartMusic available.
  • CONSTANTLY UPGRADING - We invest in your students by continually upgrading our equipment, instruments, and technology!


  • THREE SPACIOUS, WELL-MAINTAINED, SOUND-ISLOATED STUDIOS - Professionally decorated and full-size rooms, not a small compartment.
  • SMALL GROUP MEETING/ACTIVITIES ROOM (14′ X 20′) - Video-equipped with 4G-HGTV monitor, 50-inch screen; projector-equipped with high quality screen.
  • LARGE DANCE/THEATRE REHEARSAL ROOM (24′ X 36′) - Mirrored walls, 75" 4G video monitor, configurable stage and theatre seating available.
  • ALL OF OUR GROUP SPACES MAY BE RENTED - Social clubs, birthday parties, Bible study groups, company events/meetings, and so forth.