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OK, so today I was enjoying my first day off in about 6 weeks (ya, it’s summer theatre season and my life’s really NOT my own – it belongs to about 25 kids who are doing our summer theatre shows!)… but I digress!

In the midst of enjoying an afternoon of 80’s music videos on MTV while attempting to clean up my WAY too messy desk in my office, I read a post from a high school kid who commented that everybody here hates them. Man, did THAT statement really hit me hard!!!

Not only is it a shame, but it’s an awful statement on how bad things can be for kids anywhere.

I was reminded, though, about what we’ve managed to do in the two years we’ve had TMSOW in business: We’ve built a core group of kids that do our theatre shows that are a true team.

They come from all over the area and when they come together it’s as a huge group of friends who have each other’s backs no matter what. I’ve watched them reach out to every new kid that walks in the door and make them feel like they’ve always been here. It’s pretty cool to see a group of kids doing this on their own.

Ya, sometimes there’s still drama – they’re teens and tween, that’s just a part of being them – but, at the end of the day they always find a way to get back to what draws them to each other: the love of theatre and performing.

If I don’t accomplish anything else is the time I have allotted to me for this life, I would hope that I would be remembered as someone who did right by his students and helped them to be better people.

What’s your point, Duncan?

My point is this: I’ve seen and heard about the kind of drama that takes place with kids and parents at other performing arts places all over. Trust me, I’ve visited a lot of them over the years and it’s a fact of life – kids can be terribly mean to each other and they can do a lot of harm to each other if they aren’t in situations and with people that can get them through these things.

Suicide has hit my kids hard this year. Two local kids ended their lives within a couple of months and both were well known to my theatre kids. It was a tough time for them but they leaned on each other and managed to make it through TOGETHER.

That’s what I believe is the most special thing we have here at TMSOW – kids who care about each other more than they care about themselves.

So I’m inviting anyone who feels that they’ve been bullied, harassed, threatened, intimidated, or otherwise made to feel like you had no worth to come and be a part of what we do. There are great things and great experiences for you here, not to mention new and good friends to be had!

We’re here for anyone that wants to find a place to fit in without being judged on whether you’re good enough, pretty enough, cool enough, or whatever. Come find YOUR place here with us. There’s room for everybody!!!

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  1. Michelle Welker Reply

    Amen! The students are lucky to have each other, Mr. Jim and the staff. Everyone needs a tribe.

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