Three Years!!!

As we prepare for Year Four I have a lot to be thankful for!

  • A supportive and encouraging group of friends and family
  • A landlord who has been gracious, supportive, and most kind
  • An opportunity to take the studio to a new level
  • Students that bring us great joy in working with them and watching them grow
  • A growing theatre program that has a bright future in it’s own new facility!

Suffice it to say, in spite of some minor setbacks in 2019, we are progressing along the timeline I had hoped we would be able to be on at this time!

We are SO excited to be opening a new facility this fall at 505 E. Young which will house private teaching studios, a large dance/theatre classroom, a business incubator, and our own theatre! So much is going on this summer, and SO quickly, that it’s hard to not have my head spinning constantly but we’re moving right forward!

In our new facility we will be taking a bold step forward offering a multitude of new opportunities for kids and adults alike! We are extremely excited about what lies ahead for us in the months and years ahead now. It’ll be a slow process getting everything going, but we’d rather take the time to do it right the first time.

We’ll be producing Thoroughly Modern Millie and Mulan during the school year plus our usual holiday offerings of Ebenezer and Charlie Brown Christmas. This fall we are adding a children’s theatre class which will meet weekly and present it’s own play, Dinosaurs Before Dark.

We are excited about group piano classes, a new theatre and voice instructor, and especially about our new building and all it holds in promise for us!!!

So, won’t you join us in 2019-2020?