Scholarships and Tuition Assistance

At The Music Studio of Warrensburg, we seek to provide meaningful opportunities for everyone interested in the performing arts. We recognize that there are talented kids out there that merit a little help to grow their talent and might otherwise never have the opportunity to perform in a play, learn to sing or act, or otherwise discover their true potential. As a result of our commitment to “Music and Theatre for All” we have established a scholarship fund which will underwrite a portion of a student’s tuition and fees. Complete information follows…


Our scholarships are funded through various methods including ticket and concession sales, sales of program advertising, and public donations. A student may apply for scholarship funding up to two times in a calendar year and are limited to a total of five fundings through the scholarship fund. Scholarship fund may pay for up to half of a child’s tuition or fees.


We want to make it possible for every child to be part of what we do at TMSOW. We often have families who wish to anonymously fund all or part of another child’s tuition. Please speak with the Artistic Director to see if such funds are available.


All scholarships and financial assistance are based upon actual need. We will ask for you to provide proof of income and expenses as part of the application process. Regretfully, we cannot approve funding without proof of need. Scholarships awarded on the basis of earned merit as exempt from this.