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Enrollment Info for Lessons & Classes

WAIT! Before you enroll, let’s talk! The first two questions on most parents minds are 1) “How much are lessons?” and 2) “Where are you located?” So, we’ll answer those and move on to the REAL questions you should be asking of the studio you enroll your child with for music lessons…

#1  Tuition for private lessons with any instructor is $20.00 per lesson.

#2 We are wholly located in the NorthTowne Suites building at 1103 N. Holden Street. We are between FFO Home and Denise Hamlin’s Dentist Offices,  conveniently located right behind Rib Crib. Our business office and box office is located in Suite H along with our Black Box Theatre.

Now, can we REALLY talk?

I want you to take five minutes out of your day and read this document before you call us or any other music studio! No, we’re not trying to discourage you from coming to us, but we want you to be an informed and educated consumer of music and save not only your hard-earned money, but you or your child’s time in the long run.

The Questions You Should Be Asking Read this article then come back here!

Now that you’ve read our guide to choosing the right teacher and the right studio, go ahead and sign up for a free, trial lesson with one of our teachers and put what you just learned to work!  Request A Free Trial Lesson

Step 1. Come visit our studios!

Come visit and take a tour of our facility. We will introduce you to our teachers on duty at the time and give you more information about the teachers available to you.

Step 2. Schedule a free, trial lesson.

We work with you and your prospective teacher and schedule a lesson with your chosen teacher within a few days time. Note, trial lessons are scheduled based upon the availability of teachers. Request A Free Lesson

If it’s a match and you’re ready to get started, we’ll sign you up for a regular lesson and get you started as soon as possible! Of course if you already KNOW you’re ready to enroll yourself or your child, just click the ENROLL FOR LESSONS button now!

Step 3. Apply to enroll with us!

Ready to sign up for lessons or classes? Great! 

Please note that enrollment in private lessons is subject to final acceptance by individual teachers. Some teachers may require an initial consultation with the student and parents. The studio also reserves the right to accept or reject any enrollment. Payment of tuition and registration fees are required at the time of enrollment. No lesson times are guaranteed until tuition and fees are paid in full.

If you need additional information, please call us at (660) 362-1575. We also recommend that your read our studio policies before enrolling.